This release version of GCellIQ (Genomic Cell Image Quantitator) software package is developed by the Center for Biotechnology and Informatics (CBI, Director: Dr. Stephen Wong) at The Methodist Hospital Research Institute. It is a product of interdisciplinary research effort over the years. The bulk of the development effort was done in close collaboration with Perrimon's Laboratory at Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Harvard Medical School.

The software aims to provide an automated pipeline for processing large volumes of digital images generated from genome-wide, high-content screening (HCS), including those by RNA interference (RNAi) or other small molecular screenings. GCellIQ is an automated tool with several parameters being set before the processing. Thus, it is well suitable for batch processing large image dataset with little human interference.

Manual editing function is provided in GCellIQ. The user can upload the processed images and check or change the result manually after the automated processing. The cell segmentation, extracted cellular features, and classification score results are stored in Matlab .mat files or Excel files. Currently, the software provides functions of automated cell segmentation, feature extraction and selection, phenotype classification and cell morphology scoring.

GCellIQ is free for use by academia or non-profit organizations and is distributed under the attached license.